BT Fills Plate With 'Furious' Music, Album Plans

The producer/performer plans to record fourth LP in fall; more soundtracks, tour dates on tap.

Eat your heart out, Moby.

"So what if he's got 100 songs to pick from for his next album?" BT said Thursday from his Los Angeles home studio. "I've got 11 and they're all dope."

He was kidding, of course. BT is a diehard Moby fan and would never take a swipe at him — and if Moby's reading this, BT wants him to know he'll do anything to hear all 100 tracks. But as far as productivity is concerned, between scoring "Driven" and "The Fast and the Furious," producing 'NSYNC's "Pop" and two songs for Britney Spears, and writing one track for "Tomb Raider" and 11 for his own album, Brian Transeau has already recorded and finished — wait for it — 104 pieces of music this year.

"But there's no glory in that, when it's for films and not your album," BT said.

He was kidding again. BT found scoring "The Fast and the Furious" to be one of his most gratifying projects ever — and that, coming from the man who almost single-handedly invented trance music.

"It is my proudest film to date by so far, it's not even funny," BT said of "Furious," which opened Friday. "I got to do stuff like [what I recorded for the movie] 'Go,' where I do these electronic outings, then I got to do cues where I wrote for a 70-piece orchestra."

Orchestra? That's right — the cutting-edge electronic music producer is also a classically trained musician and composer. Mix the two together, and you're not going to get your everyday film score.

"So many movies have melodic themes in them. I had an idea for doing a rhythmic theme," the Maryland-born producer said of "Furious." "This film is so fast-paced. I thought, 'What sort of rhythm will subliminally make people think about cars? F--- it, why don't I get some cars?' "

Suitably inspired, BT found two cars that had been wrecked during filming of the underground street-racing movie and brought them into his studio.

"I notated the rhythms for the carburetors, trunks, car springs," BT explained. "So there's these insane, tribal, polyrhythmic rhythms played on car parts, along with a 70-piece orchestra. The sound of all that sh-- was like new-school breakbeat stuff meets pounding progressive house stuff. There's no way that during the course of the film, you're not going to notice at least five pieces of music. It really stands out. I was even thinking when I saw it, 'What the hell is that?' "

BT, who also scored last year's "Under Suspicion," first got into film music with 1999's "Go." For his next film, a Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson comedy called "Zoolander," he is writing music for a 120-piece orchestra.

"I like trying to find a template that fits the film, a cohesive sound," BT said. "Like when somebody paints and they pick out what colors they want and put them on their palette. My palette keeps expanding and changing."

And it doesn't stop at film scoring. In addition to changing the sound of modern pop music (see "BT Earns 'King Of Dirty Pop' Title With 'NSYNC, Britney Tracks"), BT is contributing to new albums by his friends Peter Gabriel and former Soul Coughing singer Mike Doughty (see "BT Drops Beats With Doughty, Plans Time With Gabriel").

For his fourth album, likely due early next year, BT is working with Gabriel, Sarah McLachlan, possibly Doughty and other members of his "usual gang," which in the past has included Sasha, Paul van Dyk and DJ Rap.

The producer/performer will head to Gabriel's Real World Studios in England in the fall to record tracks for both of their albums. BT has a "top-secret concept" for a Gabriel duet that involves some high-tech machinery.

"He's my music dad," BT said of Gabriel. "When I talk to him, I get advice for the next 10 years. He's been there and done everything, all for the right reasons."

Before heading to England, BT will play eight dates of the multi-artist Mekka Tour. Other artists on the late summer outing include the Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia, Armand Van Helden and Roni Size (see "Crystal Method, Roni Size, BT Heading To Mekka").

Here are BT's stops on the Mekka Tour, according to his publicist (venues are to be announced):

  • 8/8 - Dallas, TX

  • 8/10 - Jacksonville, FL

  • 8/11 - Miami, FL

  • 8/18 - New York, NY

  • 8/24 - Detroit, MI

  • 8/25 - Chicago, IL

  • 9/1 - San Francisco, CA

  • 9/2 - Los Angeles, CA