Beanie Sigel Recording Albums With Memphis Bleek, State Property

Philly MC, whose The Reason hits stores Tuesday, planning one more LP before end of year.

The self-proclaimed "fat boy" of Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records, Beanie Sigel, appears to have been inspired by his boss' expeditious recording rate.

Not satisfied with just having one album drop this year — Beans' The Reason hits stores on Tuesday — Philadelphia's #1 rap ambassador is planning to drop one more LP before the end of the year.

Beans has been recording on the down low with his new group, State Property, which comprises himself and his City of Brotherly Love brethren Freeway (who was introduced on Jay-Z's "1-900-Hustler"), Oskino and Sparks. The collective has already finished 10 songs for the yet-to-be-titled LP, according to a source close to the project.

The crew of rhyme marksmen has focused on creating conceptual songs, the source said. One of the songs, which is still untitled, finds Sigel and Freeway rhyming from the perspectives of a police officer and a corrections officer, both promising to survive in their dangerous environments at all costs because their "kids gotta eat."

That's not the only project Beans has been writing his "words that skip through air" for. He's set to go to Miami in a couple of weeks to begin production on another group album, this time with Memphis Bleek. The two have ingeniously dubbed themselves "Beans and Bleek" for their record.

It remains to be seen which of Sigel's moonlighting endeavors sees release this year.