'NSYNC's Celebrity: More Songs About Young Love

Upcoming album's track list suggests boy band will stick to tried and true.

Betting men and women would no doubt wager that the world's tens of millions of 'NSYNC devotees wouldn't be fazed if the boys titled the songs on their upcoming Celebrity "Pork and Beans" or "Green Crayons." Judging from 'NSYNC's sold-out stadium jaunt, PopOdyssey 2001 (click here for photos from the ongoing tour), so long as fans can hear the fab five belt out sugary melodies over sweet sonic booms, they'll pick up the record regardless.

However, since the track list for the boy band's July 24 release includes such titles as "Girlfriend," "The Two of Us" and "Tell Me, Tell Me … Baby," betting men and women (even those who haven't got a sneak preview during the quintet's recent outings) could confidently wager that Celebrity will focus on young love.

The Celebrity track list, according to Jive Records:

  • "Pop"

  • "Celebrity"

  • "The Game Is Over"

  • "Girlfriend"

  • "The Two of Us"

  • "Gone"

  • "Tell Me, Tell Me ... Baby"

  • "Up Against the Wall"

  • "See Right Through You"

  • "Selfish"

  • "Just Don't Tell Me That"

  • "Something Like You"

  • "Do Your Thing"