Tracks From P. Diddy Disc Dribbling Out

"That's Crazy," "Bad Boy 4 Life" making the rounds underground.

It's still a few weeks before P. Diddy's third album, P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family ... The Saga Continues ..., hits stores, but the next wave of music from the disc has already begun to surface.

"That's Crazy," the second song from P.D.'s Three The Hard Way collective (which also features Black Rob and G-Dep), has been popping up on mix tapes lately, and it finds the Bad Boy Records CEO — who was acquitted of gun possession charges in March — testifying about the justice system.

"They had the nerve to say I had a gun/ Man, for 12 years I had a run/ And they done threatened my family dog/ Courthouse got my name in the log/ They ain't care if my name is Sean John."

Also, "Bad Boy 4 Life," slated to be the next single off the album, has found its way into the underground circuit and onto a few radio stations. The song features Diddy, Rob and Mark Curry reaffirming their label's relevance in hip-hop.

Saga also will feature the ditty "Diddy," with a chorus that plays off the hook from Boogie Down Productions' 1988 hit "Jimmy."

According to a source close to the project, newcomer MC Kain, who will appear in the video for Dream's "This Is Me" remix, helps out on the album, as does Loon, a former member of Mase's Harlem World crew who most recently rhymed on the remix of Jagged Edge's "Promise."

Fans will get to hear all the songs on P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family ... The Saga Continues ... when it arrives in stores July 10.