Jon Bon Jovi Follows In Footsteps Of Kermit The Frog, Jerry Springer At Oxford

Rocker preaches the three 'P's' at Oxford Union debating society: 'passion, perseverance and possibility.'

While Bon Jovi are playing "It's My Life" on their worldwide tour, the band's

singer is telling fans, "It's your life."

Addressing the prestigious Oxford Union debating society on Friday, Jon Bon Jovi said, "You have to be true to yourself. It's your life. You are the masters of your destiny, and passion, not pedigree, will win the end."

Bon Jovi gave a 20-minute speech to students at the 800-year-old university

in Oxfordshire, England, according to the Associated Press. He preached

the three "P's" — "passion, perseverance and possibility" — and lectured on

the virtues of hard work and self belief.

"Nothing is more important than passion," he said. "Whatever you decide to

do in life, just be passionate about it. Don't be intimidated by

competition, as success is sweeter and failure less bitter when you have

given everything."

Showing he wasn't intimidated by competition (Michael Jackson, Kermit the

Frog, Barry White, O.J. Simpson and Jerry Springer have all addressed the

Oxford Union), Bon Jovi explained his qualifications.

"I spent years playing in bar bands, watching and learning my craft — that

was my university," he said.

This was not the singer's first major speech of the year. Last month, Bon

Jovi gave the commencement address at Monmouth University (see "Dr. Bon Jovi

Salutes Underdogs In Graduation Speech").

Bon Jovi — the band — are currently on a British tour in support of

their new live album, One Wild Night, which features classic hits

such as "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Wanted Dead or Alive," along with

2000's single, "It's My Life" (see "Bon Jovi Have One Wild Night").