DMX Signs Multi-Picture Deal With Warner Bros.

Rapper to appear in 'Crow' sequel before teaming with producer Joel Silver again.

DMX's commitment must have impressed Warner Bros. when he put off a jail sentence to promote last spring's "Exit Wounds." The studio has signed a new multi-picture deal with the rapper that will begin this fall.

DMX and producer Joel Silver, the man behind the DMX films "Romeo Must Die" and "Exit Wounds," will soon film an as-yet-untitled project inspired by the 1931 German crime thriller "M," a Warner Bros. spokesperson said Monday (June 18).

"M," directed by legendary filmmaker Fritz Lang, is about a child murderer who eludes an exhaustive police investigation. When the citywide search for the murderer interrupts organized crime, other criminals join in the search.

DMX's spokesperson said the rapper will also star in "The Crow: Lazarus," the fourth flick in the "Crow" franchise, as part of his deal with Warner Bros.

The film, which was slated to begin filming in the spring with video director Joseph Kahn at the helm (see "Kahn To Direct DMX In Next 'Crow' Film"), has been delayed while DMX finishes his next album (see "Arizona Desert Is Muse To DMX's Ears"), due in September.

DMX's upcoming autobiography, "A Dogz Life," has also been delayed, his spokesperson said. Originally slated for the fall, the book will now be published by HarperCollins at the end of the year.