Leonard Cohen To Deliver Ten New Songs In October

Godfather of Gloom's 10th studio album follows 1992's The Future.

There is a "Leonard Cohen afterworld" (as Kurt Cobain sang on "Pennyroyal Tea") beyond The Future. Indeed, the Canadian singer-songwriter will release his first album since that 1992 effort this fall.

Ten New Songs, due October 16, is the Godfather of Gloom's 10th studio album. After establishing himself as a novelist and poet, Cohen made his recording debut in 1968 with Songs of Leonard Cohen. He garnered a substantial cult audience and earned the respect of fellow musicians, including the late Nirvana leader.

The track list for Ten New Songs, according to Columbia Records:

  • "In My Secret Life"

  • "Love Itself"

  • "By the Rivers Dark"

  • "That Don't Make It Junk"

  • "A Thousand Kisses Deep"

  • "You Have Loved Enough"

  • "Here It Is"

  • "Alexandra Leaving"

  • "Boogie Street"

  • "The Land of Plenty"