Smash Mouth Do 'Spooky Thing' With George Clinton

Band's third album expected late summer.

Smash Mouth have teamed up with Dr. Funkenstein himself, George Clinton, on a

track called "Spooky Thing" for their self-titled third album.

The group has recorded 16 tracks for the LP, which follows 1999's triple

platinum Astro Lounge. The album, produced by returning studio collaborator Eric Valentine, is expected late this summer.

On Monday and Tuesday Smash Mouth will shoot the video for their cover of

the Monkees classic "I'm a Believer," from the "Shrek" soundtrack. Animated

guests from the hit DreamWorks film will appear in the clip, directed by

Scott Marshall, who helmed Smash Mouth's "Then the Morning Comes" video as

well as clips by Guided by Voices and Fu Manchu.

Songs that may appear on the Smash Mouth album include "Pacific

Coast Party," "Out of Sight," "Force Field," "Your Man," "One Chance," "Spooky Thing," "The In Set," "Keep It Down," "Shoes & Hats," "Boulevard," "105," "Whole Lotta Love,"

"Sister Physic," "Mr. Lucky," "Holiday in My Head" and "Hold You High."

The band will kick off a tour in late summer or early fall.