Boos Boos Boos: Destiny's Child Commit Fashion Foul In Philly

Lakers jersey draws ire of 76ers fans at playoffs game.

Maybe 76ers fans just wanted Destiny's Child to say their name and their name only.

At Wednesday's NBA playoffs game, the Philadelphia team's hometown crowd booed a halftime performance by the superstar trio, peeved by singer Michelle Williams' jersey hyping 76ers opponents the Los Angeles Lakers.

The upset fans didn't seem to take any solace in the fact that Kelly Rowland was clad in 76ers gear or that Beyoncé Knowles wore a top displaying "NBA" and both teams' names.

Destiny's Child's Columbia Records publicist claimed the girls were obliging the NBA's request for them to wear both Lakers and 76ers clothing. "Destiny's Child agreed to wear the gear as a way of showing support for both teams and celebrating the spirit of the NBA championship series," Yvette Noel-Schure said, reading from a statement.

But NBA spokesperson Michael Bass said the NBA made no such request and that the outfits were the girls' own choice.

Regardless, Sixers fans, whose team was trailing 14 points at halftime, weren't down with it. Boos — which are not uncommon in the "City of Brotherly Love" — erupted as soon as the threesome took the stage to launch into "Survivor." At the end of the second song, Destiny's Child's new single, "Bootylicious," the boos completely drowned out the applause.

"It doesn't matter that they had 76ers gear on too. To wear the enemy's sh-- in our house is straight-up disrespectful, and people were pissed," said Jason Green, a 23-year-old Sixers fan who attended the game. "It's like coming into a Buddhist temple with a shirt that says 'Jesus Saves.'"

Destiny's Child have performed the national anthem at several NBA games over the past five years. Sugar Ray are scheduled to perform at Friday's game between the Lakers and the 76ers, also in Philadelphia. There was no word at press time on what they planned to wear.

Perhaps as strange as the Destiny's Child clothing controversy was the post-game chalk talk from elusive Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose.

Rose, who for the better part of a decade has made only a few public appearances, told an NBC reporter it was the first basketball game he'd ever attended.

"I'm rooting for both teams, so I win either way," he said.

But Destiny's Child have learned not to be so optimistic.