Alice In Chains Give Best They've Got — Again

Seattle grunge group to release second best-of collection in two years.

Alice in Chains — along with Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam — spearheaded the so-called grunge movement during the early '90s. Their music was gloomy and threatening, echoing with crashing rhythms, moody melodies and eerie vocal harmonies. The band is still together, technically, although it hasn't recorded a new studio album in six years. Meanwhile, guitarist Jerry Cantrell is shopping for a label for his second solo project, the double-disc Degradation Trip, Vols. 1 and 2.

Perhaps as a way to fulfill their contract with Columbia Records (which dropped Cantrell last year), Alice in Chains will release their second best-of collection in slightly more than two years on July 24. The album, simply titled Greatest Hits, features remastered original recordings. While 1999's Nothing Safe: Best of the Box included the new song "Get Born Again" (a demo version of "We Die Young") and a live version of "Rooster," the new collection contains no previously unreleased material and is five tracks shorter than Nothing Safe, including the newly recognized hits "Heaven Beside You" and the studio version of "Rooster."

Alice in Chains have no plans to tour for Greatest Hits, according to their publicist, and there's no word when they'll resurface from their state of suspended animation. Columbia plans to release a DVD collecting all of the band's videos in the fall, however.

Alice in Chains' Greatest Hits track list, according to their publicist:

  • "Man in the Box"

  • "Them Bones"

  • "Angry Chair"

  • "Rooster"

  • "Would?"

  • "No Excuses"

  • "I Stay Away"

  • "Grind"

  • "Heaven Beside You"

  • "Again"