Sunny Day Real Estate Boarded Up Again

Seattle-based quartet cite need for a break, principal bandmembers to pursue other musical endeavors.

The space on the musical landscape once occupied by emo pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate is once again a vacant lot — at least for the time being.

The Seattle-based quartet announced their indefinite split Friday via their official Web site, according to their manager, who cited the need for a break as the dissolution's main reason — a phase becoming somewhat commonplace for the group.

Sunny Day Real Estate fans know the band's proclaimed disintegration doesn't necessarily mean they're gone forever. After breaking up in 1995, they reunited two years later — albeit without original bassist Nate Mendel, who opted to remain with Foo Fighters, the band he joined in the interim — to release 1998's How It Feels to Be Something On. Live followed in 1999 before the group dropped what was to be their finale, The Rising Tide, in 2000.

Having formed in Seattle in 1992, Sunny Day Real Estate forewent the locally popular grunge style for a more melodic sound filled with just as much woeful angst. SDRE's 1994 debut, Diary, established their ethos, while singer Jeremy Enigk honed his soon-trademarked whine on its 1995 followup, LP2. Enigk released his solo debut, the orchestral Return of the Frog Queen, in 1996 after the first breakup.

The principal bandmembers will continue pursuing musical endeavors, their manager noted, hinting that fans have definitely not heard the last from the SDRE guys. Enigk and drummer William Goldsmith are collaborating on a new project, while guitarist Dan Hoerner is fielding offers from other musicians interested in starting a band.