Crazy Town Into The Skater Chicks In New Vid

Rap-rockers gear up for debut of 'Revolving Door' clip.

Their mega-hit "Butterfly" may have finally fluttered off the charts, but

rap-rock combo Crazy Town aren't simply flying away. On Friday, they'll hit

the road as part of this year's Ozzfest, and within two weeks, they'll debut

their new video for the band's next single, "Revolving Door."

The clip was helmed by Gregory Dark (who directed videos by Methods of Mayhem, Orgy and Ice Cube as well as porno classics such as "Between the Cheeks 3" and "Hootermania"), and was shot in Los Angeles on May 2 and 3 at the Yaghtin Estate in Malibu. It depicts the band living the high life, surrounded by a cadre of

beautiful women.

"We wanted to poke fun at how the world perceived us after 'Butterfly' blew

up," guitarist Squirrel said. "We rented this gaudy mansion and got every

girl in town that we know and just made it into this Jay-Z-style totally

over-the-top hip-hop video spoof."

Since the lyrics to "Revolving Door" address the many girls Crazy Town have

encountered in their search for soulmates, the band wanted the video to have

a plot, but not be heavy-handed. So they decided to have the cameras follow

two casually dressed skater chicks who don't seem to fit in with the other

scantily clad, bikini-waxed women.

"They're poking their heads in and out of all the rooms, and they're

laughing all the time," Squirrel said. "And at the end of the video, they

take off their sweatsuits and they're the two most bangin' girls there. Then

they dive into the pool, and those are the two girls that [vocalists] Bret

[Epic Mazur] and Seth [Shifty Shellshock] end up being with."

It's a good thing video romances are generally fictitious. One of the

leading ladies is Mazur's cousin, Monet Mazur. Another less featured girl is Rod

Stewart's daughter, Kim Stewart, a longtime pal of the band. Other friends

who were shot, but didn't make it into the video, include Tommy Lee and

members of Incubus.

"It wouldn't have worked as well if it was this big star-studded thing,"

Squirrel said. "It's much better to have it be just us and the girls."

Whoaaa! Let's not forget Shifty's bulldog Little Rocky, or the tattooed

midget and the amazon babe he hooks up with.

"That was hilarious," Squirrel said. "We have a scene where he kisses

her, and he's all small and she's like six-foot-four. Her breasts were

bigger than my head. Hopefully people will see this whole thing as a satire,

because that's all it is."