Bjork Reveals Vespertine Tracklist

Album due August 28.

Following the orchestral majesty of last year's Selmasongs, the soundtrack for the film "Dancer in the Dark," Icelandic chanteuse Björk has taken a moodier, more textural approach for her new album, Vespertine, which is due August 28. She's just finalized the tracklist for the disc, which features five of the songs she performed

May 22 at a New York church: "Aurora," "Cocoon," "Undo,"

"It's Not Up to You" and "Pagan Poetry" (see "Björk Takes Vespertine To Church").

She wrote much of the album last fall in Iceland with Jake Davies (who

engineered Selmasongs) and Marius DeVries (who has handled keyboards and

programming for all of Björk 's solo records), and finished composing and

recording in New York this year. Vespertine is awash in Björk 's intimate

vocals, a gospel choir, lush harp melodies from Zeena Parkins and weird

passages by experimental electronic act Matmos. In February, Björk said she wanted Vespertine to contrast with the dissonance and drama of her 1997 album, Homogenic.

"[That disc] was very emotionally confrontational," she said. "This record is very much about inventing your own paradise, but underneath your kitchen table, so it's very secretive. It's sort of about being on your own in your own house with your laptop and whispering for a year and just writing a very peaceful song that tiptoes."

Björk has announced four Paris concerts to support Vespertine, at Le Grand

Rex August 18 and 20, and at La Sainte Chapelle August 23 and 25. She plans

to tour opera houses in North America this October.

The tracklist for Vespertine, according to Björk's


  • "Hidden Place"

  • "Cocoon"

  • "It's Not Up to You"

  • "Undo"

  • "Pagan Poetry"

  • "Frosti"

  • "Aurora"

  • "An Echo a Stain"

  • "Sun in My Mouth"

  • "Heirloom"

  • "Harm of Will"

  • "Unison"