Destiny's Child's 'Bootylicious' Video Celebrates Sexiness

'Being bootylicious is all about feeling good about your body," Beyoncé says.

Destiny's Child's video for "Bootylicious" should work better than any self-help book, singer Beyoncé Knowles says.

"It celebrates being bootylicious, and being bootylicious is all about feeling good about your body," she said. "There's everybody from a skinny girl to a skinny guy to a 350-pound woman [in the video] all just dancing and having fun and partying and feeling sexy and good about themselves."

Destiny's Child said they hope "Bootylicious," the second single from Survivor, will help usher in a new craze for old-school funk and dance.

Directed by Mathew Rolston (Madonna, Backstreet Boys), the video has what Beyoncé describes as a "ghetto fabulous, '80s, glamorous, punk, Michael Jackson" vibe. Stevie Nicks, whose "Edge of Seventeen" is sampled in the song, makes a cameo in the clip. The R&B trio recently met the Fleetwood Mac singer on the set of "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" in New York.

"We told her we were shooting 'Bootylicious' in like, less than three days, and she was like, 'I'm gonna do it,'" Kelly Rowland recalled. "She was so nice and had so many words of encouragement. She's the best."

Destiny's Child plan to record a Spanish-language version of their next single, "Emotion," Beyoncé said. The song is a cover of the '70s tune written by Bee Gees Barry and Maurice Gibb and sung by Australian singer Samantha Sang.

In other Destiny's Child news, Beyoncé said she did not land the role she was up for in "Men in Black 2." "I didn't have time to do it because we're going to be on tour, ... so I think that had a lot to do with it." She said neither she nor her groupmates are planning on doing film work anytime soon, though the scripts keep pouring in.

Destiny's Child will kick off their first headlining tour on July 18 in Albany, New York. MTV's "TRL" tour also features Nelly, Eve, Dream, 3LW and Jessica Simpson (see "Destiny's Child Hitting Road With Nelly, Eve, Dream").

"We know we're going to have pyro[technics] and all these lights and all the drama that we've always dreamed of, and it's just amazing," Beyoncé said. "We're so excited because it's something magical that happens when all three of us are onstage, especially with this album, because the songs that we sing we wrote and it comes from our heart."