Train Keep A-Rollin' With Live DVD, Tour, Single

San Francisco group to record June hometown show for possible live album, then head abroad.

Train have played upward of 750 shows during the past three years, so it makes sense that their next release will be a still-untitled live DVD. On June 26 the San Francisco band will film a hometown show at the Warfield for release later this year. The Westwood One radio syndicate will also record the concert for a possible live album.

"We want to do a live album eventually," said guitarist/vocalist Rob

Hotchkiss. "Our next record will probably be another studio album, and we've already got like 30 ideas for new songs. But we're gonna send the live tapes [from the Warfield show] to [producer] Brendan O'Brien, and maybe he can use them for something."

At the Warfield, Train will be accompanied by a live orchestra for "Drops of Jupiter" and "Something More." The band also plans to cover Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On," which may or may not wind up on the DVD. The group previously recorded the song for inclusion on the soundtrack album for "A Knight's Tale," but Hotchkiss said Columbia Records decided to pull it because the label thought it could get better placement elsewhere.

"We might put it on our next record," he said. "We've done that one in concert a lot, and on K-Rock in New York, and people love it. I wouldn't say we're big Zeppelin fans, but that was one band we could all agree to cover. We're always thinking of bands to cover, but our musical influences are so diverse it's really hard to come up with something. We all liked Zeppelin as kids, though, and worked up our chops playing along to Zep tunes."

After the San Francisco show Train will head overseas for the first time. The band will play the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Spain and Australia. But a recent experience at an Ottawa show suggests the group might brush up on its international etiquette before playing on foreign soil.

"[Singer] Pat [Monahan] almost got lynched by the Ottawa natives," laughed Hotchkiss. "We were doing a show there and this woman in the front row was trying to hand him money. Pat looked down at her and said, 'I don't want that. It's Canadian.' We practically got booed off the stage."

When the band returns from Europe, it will embark on a U.S. stadium tour with Matchbox Twenty. Around the same time Train should be rolling out their next single, which will likely be "Hopeless," according to Hotchkiss.

"That song comes from being on the road and wondering where the light at the end of the tunnel is," he said. "You live your life wanting this dream and when it finally starts coming true, you realize it's really hard work. We spent two of the three years we've been touring in a van, lugging our own gear up steps, missing people at home and wondering what we were doing."

Realizing he was whining, Hotchkiss applied the brakes. "It's kind of a bleak song, but at the end of it there's a ray of hope," he said. "That's typical of our songs, and it's something that sums us up. In the end there's always something positive."

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