Christina Aguilera Sues To Stop Release Of Early Recordings

Just Be Free, due June 19, features songs recorded when singer was 14.

Christina Aguilera is trying to make sure her next album isn't released.

No, she's not going through some pop star fit of ego-tripping, and she's not trying to pull some label renegotiation tactic. Aguilera is trying to make sure that when the public hears her next collection of ditties, it is all current material.

The 22-year-old recently filed a lawsuit in California against Warlock Records and its affiliates Platinum Recordings and JFB Music for improper use of her name and license on the upcoming album Just Be Free. According to Aguilera's lawyer, Carla Christofferson, the album, due June 19 on Warlock, features songs the singer made for a demo when she was 14.

"We're trying to stop them from releasing these early recordings which is not the quality she is associated with right now," Christofferson said. "They are trying to boot strap on the success of Christina Aguilera."

Warlock Records has filed its own suit in New York in an attempt to ensure Just Be Free is released as scheduled, Christofferson said.

Representatives of Warlock, JFB and Platinum were unavailable for comment.