WWF Slams Wesley Willis' Label Over Logo

Wesley Willis Fiasco: Live E.P. to be reissued with new cover.

Even if rambling oddball singer Wesley Willis doesn't know any better, someone at his record label should have realized that you can't covet someone else's logo, even if it is written with the penmanship of a preschooler.

In February, indie label Cornerstone R.A.S. released Wesley Willis Fiasco: Live E.P., featuring what appears to be a crudely drawn WWF logo on the cover's upper left corner. Now, attorneys for the World Wrestling Federation have sent the label a cease-and-desist notice, a Cornerstone spokesperson said, claiming the letters "WWF" are written in a "confusingly similar manner" to that of the sports-entertainment organization's copyrighted logo.

Calls to the WWF were not returned by press time.

A second pressing of the EP, with a new cover, should be out by mid-June, the Cornerstone spokesperson said.

The eight-track Wesley Willis Fiasco: Live E.P. features Willis and a full backing band, the first record to do so since an out-of-print 1995 disc. Recorded in various venues nationwide between 1992 and 1994, the EP includes "The Bar Is Closed," "Blood, Guts & Firetrucks" and "I'm Going to Kill You," among others.

Chicago-based Willis, a schizophrenic former street singer, gained notoriety in the mid-'90s after groups such as Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins began heralding him as a simple-minded genius.

The novelty quickly wore off but wasn't soon forgotten, since after he was dropped from American Recordings following Fabian Road Warrior and Feel the Power, both released in 1996, Willis released Black Light Diner (1997), SMD Promotions (1998), Dr. Wax (2000) and January's Shake Your Piggy Bank.