Death Row Gives Mad Props To Jayo Felony

Label posts a note on its Web site inviting rapper to become an 'inmate.'

Apparently Suge Knight is digging Jayo Felony's brash style. On the Death Row Records Web site, Jayo is given an open invitation to join them.

The site reads:

Jay-O Felony

To become a Deathrow inmate!
For showing Bitch-a-- Snoop that it
takes more than a couple of rent-a-Crips

to be a gangsta!

A source close to Jayo confirmed that the rapper has been in discussions with Suge, but Death Row publicist Jonathan Wolfson said he's unaware of any negotiations that would bring Jayo to the label.

However, Jayo will be featured dissing Snoop Dogg on the label's July 31 release of Tha Dogg Pound 2002, Wolfson said. The album is a collection of songs that Dogg Pound members Daz and Kurupt recorded while still with Death Row.

"I don't know nothin' about that," Daz said. "More power to them. I'm 'a get paid off it. I got a deal when I left that I walked with all [my masters]. They could put it out, but I still get all mine. I want to hear what he got."

Daz and Kurupt, who were legally obligated to change their name to the D.P.G. when they left Death Row, released Dillinger & Young Gotti on May 1. Daz, who is in the final stages of his own contract negotiations with Roc-a-Fella Records, said he isn't worried about the old album competing with the new one.

"[Death Row putting out an album will] probably make both of them sell. Everybody already knows what Death Row does because of what happened with Snoop. I'm just gonna ride off their promotion. [Suge's] probably gonna put out a bunch of remixes. He ain't got nothing else. If a bum has a piece of something in the trash, he's gonna make it last. He messed up and lost a good thing. But for now we got this new D.P.G. album out there."

Wolfson said that on Tuesday Death Row will release the long-talked-about reissues of its entire catalog, which includes Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle, Dr. Dre's The Chronic, Tupac Shakur's Makaveli and Tha Dogg Pound's debut, Dogg Food. The label also plans to put out a Tupac double CD of unreleased songs later this year, he said.