Blink-182 Wreck Stuff For 'Rock Show'

Band spends video budget destroying cars, paying strippers to mow lawns.

Blink-182 are gearing up to debut their video for "The Rock Show" — the first single from their new album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket — and in true Blink style, the clip offers little in common with the slick, high-tech offerings of most chart-topping acts.

"We took all the money they gave us for the video, and instead of renting sports cars and getting a bunch of stupid dancers, we spent the money destroying things and being weird," drummer Travis Barker said.

Items demolished for the video — which will debut on Friday (May 18) — include a giant-screen TV and a car, which is dropped from a crane. The band also found more creative ways to blow the budget. "We took a couple of homeless people to day spas and got them hooked up," Barker said. "And we paid a bunch of strippers to mow someone's lawn and wash their car. It was really fun."

"The Rock Show," an upbeat song with (surprise, surprise) buzzing guitars, nagging hooks and soaring harmonies, is about finding true love at a punk-rock concert. "It doesn't happen anymore really," Barker lamented, "but back in the day, there used to be small punk-rock shows everywhere, and you could go and hang out with your friends and you'd end up meeting girls.

"I'm not talking about the real hardcore punk-rock shows," he said. "There were girls at those, but they were boogers. I mean like when I was in early high school and I used to go see bands like Face to Face, the Dickies and Rhythm Collision. We just kind of went back to that time period with the song."

The title Take Off Your Pants and Jacket may sound like one of guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge's or bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus' many naughty puns, but when it came time to come up with an album name, the members of Blink-182 were uncharacteristically stumped. It was the band's guitar tech Larry Palm (no, not Harry Palm) who pumped out the memorable double entendre.

"I think it's hilarious. But it's been hard in other countries because the joke doesn't translate," Barker said. "Some other people don't get it either, but whatever. It's so funny for the majority of people that do get it, and it's gonna be great having some fart DJ or some uptight yuppie have to say it over the radio."

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket hits stores June 12.