Bjork To Debut New Album In Church Concert

One hundred tickets will be made available online for May 22 performance in New York.

A hundred Björk fans will have the divine experience of watching the Icelandic singer debut her album Vespertine in a New York church next week.

Tickets for the May 22 performance will go on sale through her Web site on Friday.

The concert, to be held at Riverside Church, will consist of two 45-minute sets and will feature accompaniment by Matmos, the Bay Area sound artists who collaborated with Björk on Vespertine, and harpist Zeena Parkins. In addition to previewing the new disc, Björk will perform some of her earlier work.

Vespertine, originally planned for a May release, is now due to hit record stores on August 28, according to Björk's publicist at Elektra Records. Björk will start a U.S. tour in October, the publicist said.

Vespertine is Björk's fourth full-length studio album and her first since 1997's Homogenic.

Earlier this year, Björk visited a Harlem church's gospel service. "It was so excellent for me, coming from Iceland, being a fly on the wall [watching] everybody having an outer-body experience," she said later. "Wanting to have the moment, one time in their life, when they'd unite with God. ... I can't imagine many things that are more beautiful. I actually went to Harlem thinking — being sort of a European snob — that it would be an artificial thing, but I was actually really, really touched by it."

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(This story was updated at 12:34 p.m. ET Thursday, May 17, 2001.)