Jay-Z Assault Case Could Go To Trial In June

Court proceedings pushed back till then, while one of rapper's lawyers works on unrelated murder trial.

The next date to watch in Jay-Z's year-and-a-half old assault case is June 14, when the rapper and his lawyers are to appear in court for what may well be the beginning of jury selection for a trial.

Jay-Z had been scheduled to appear in court Wednesday (May 16), but the proceeding was pushed back, according to the Manhattan district attorney's public information office. One of Jay-Z's lawyers, Murray Richman, is in the midst of an unrelated murder trial in the Bronx.

Assuming the June 14 date stands, Judge Micki Scherer — who's presided over the case from the start — will most likely name a trial judge for the case on that day, according to a source close to the case. Jay-Z and lawyers for both sides would then head over to that judge's courtroom, and jury selection could begin immediately.

Jay-Z, who maintains his innocence, is accused of stabbing record executive Lance "Un" Rivera during a nightclub dispute on December 1, 1999.

The rapper is also scheduled to appear in court on June 26 for a hearing on unrelated gun charges that arose after police found a gun in his bodyguard's waistband outside a New York nightclub last month (see "Jay-Z Says He's '100 Percent Innocent' After Arraignment").