Tool Return To Record Stores: What's Your Verdict?

Tool Return To Record Stores: What's Your Verdict?

To pervert a cliché, absence makes the heart grow rabid.

It's been almost five years since Tool upped the ante on their already ambitious body of work and unleashed the spiraling thunder of Aenima, their second full-length album. Legal battles with their record label and their former manager kept Tool in drydock, leaving fans pining all the while.

The hunger is satiated this week with the unveiling of the now-L.A.-based prog-metal titans' latest effort, Lateralus, and the uniquely Tool conventions that lie within: a title with no apparent English definition, a transparent CD booklet with no liner notes, and at least one musical tip of the riff to Yes.

So far, famished fans are feasting. Copies of Lateralus are flying out of retailers, and the four U.S. tour dates the band has announced are being greeted with the anticipation of Papal visits. Tool's May 20 show at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom sold out in 60 seconds, and tickets for several dates on the tour have turned up on Internet auction sites demanding prices from $300 to $1,000.

It is amid that buzz that Tool deliver Lateralus. Now that it has arrived, what do you think of Tool's new album? What would you ask the band about Lateralus if you had the chance? Send us your comments, questions and reactions to You Tell Us, and we may pose them to the band in an upcoming interview.