Three 6 Mafia Make Film Debut With 'Choices'

Gangsta Boo will release second solo album, Best of Both Worlds: Star 69, on June 26.

The Memphis rap group's Gangsta Boo will release her second solo album, Best of Both Worlds: Star 69, on June 26 and will shoot the clip for the collection's first single, "Can I Get Paid," in Los Angeles this week.

However, Boo's forthcoming video isn't the only filming the Tennesseeans have been doing lately. "Choices," the group's first movie, will head to select theaters across the country in early September.

Poncho, a friend of the group, plays the lead role in the film, which was written by Mafia members DJ Paul and Juicy "J," with an assist from affiliate Project Pat. The three rappers also have prominent roles in the movie.

The lives of some of Three 6 Mafia's incarcerated friends and a Memphis gang lord who was killed in 1999 provided the subject matter for "Choices." Poncho portrays a paroled felon attempting to live an honest life upon his release. He eventually gets dragged into a robbery scheme by DJ Paul and Juicy "J"'s characters.

"I wanted something for my kids to look at years from now," Paul said of the project, which was filmed primarily in Memphis. "When we started doing the movie, we wanted some sh-- we could trip off when we were sitting down at the crib. After a while, people started getting interested and we knew we could make some money at it. So we added like an extra 45 minutes to it."

Gangsta Boo doesn't appear in "Choices," but Three 6 Mafia affiliate La Chat, who appears on Project Pat's "Chickenhead" single, has an important role. She plays a robber.

"I'm just being me in the movie," said La Chat, whose debut album, Murder She Spoke, is scheduled for September 11 release. "I'm hard and gangster. It's all about getting your hustle on."

That hustle has inspired Three 6 Mafia member Lord Infamous. He hopes to start work on his first solo album within a year, but he says he doesn't want to hurry producers DJ Paul and Juicy "J."

"I don't want them to be burned out when they do my album," he said. "I'm going to wait until they get some rest and some new thoughts, because I want my album to be different. I want to keep it South, but I'm going to come with that old Memphis gangster sh--, 2002 style."

Although Three 6 Mafia have sold millions of albums since the release of 1995's Mystic Stylez, they hadn't performed at the long-running Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival until Saturday (May 5).

The rowdy sextet had long been snubbed by festival organizers for their often-racy content. This time around, however, they shared the bill with the Dave Matthews Band, George Clinton and Willie Nelson during their first hometown concert in two years.

"This is the first time a rap group has performed at Memphis in May, so it's pretty big," Boo said moments before taking the stage Saturday. "It feels good to be able to rock this for the first time."