Rockwilder Has Plans For Janet, Destiny's Child, More

Producer hopes to have 200 songs prepared for Jackson's next LP.

It's been two years since Dana "Rockwilder" Stinson collaborated with Redman and Method Man to give birth to the track "Da Rockwilder," and it's still paying dividends — in royalties, yes, and in opportunities as well.

After his namesake soundscape was released, Rockwilder received calls from a plethora of hip-hop stars, including Jay-Z and Xzibit — that's Rock sitting the low rider and frolicking with the girls in the pool in Xzibit's new "Front 2 Back" video. Likewise, pop queen Janet Jackson loved "Da Rockwilder" and hit the producer on the celly, resulting in co-production credits on five songs from her latest album, All for You.

"When [Jackson] first got on the phone with me," Rockwilder recalled, "I was trying to maintain my composure as a businessman: 'OK, this is what you want from me, this is what we got to do.'

"Then it got to the point where I was like, 'Can I be real with you right now?' " he continued. "She started laughing and was like, 'What do you mean?' I was like, 'You gotta understand, I'm talking to Penny [from "Good Times"], I'm talking to Charlene [from "Diff'rent Strokes"], I'm talking to Cleo from "Fame"!' This is a girl I've been following for years. She helped me through puberty with 'Let's Wait Awhile.' "

The producer was prepared for Janet's call, however — he'd made tracks with her in mind a year before he'd even heard from her, as he does for many artists. "I like to have [tracks prepared], because if I meet [the artist] or not, I'll just have [them] there," explained the Queens, New York, native, who plans to have 200 new songs ready for Janet by the time she begins work on her next album. "Like, 'Maybe one day ... I'll meet Christina [Aguilera] and give her this [track].' "

Rockwilder has already made his introductions in that department, as he and Missy Elliott co-produced Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Pink (who may be giving Rockwilder a call for her second album, according to her camp) and Mya on their remake of Labelle's "Lady Marmalade."

"It was Missy's thing," Rockwilder said of the track. "We put our heads together and did something real good. It was funny to be part of something like that. It just let me know it's gonna be real crazy from here."

The producer is getting set to begin another co-production gig, this time with Erick Sermon and the Rza, scoring the Redman and Method Man comedy How High.

"I'm watching the movie now, and it's not gonna be that hard," he said. "You don't have to have music in every part of the movie. Then, working with two of the best cats in the world ... it's gonna be easy."

Along with giving TLC's Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes a track for her upcoming album, Rockwilder has finished a remix for Jennifer Lopez and is getting ready to remix Destiny Child's "Bootylicious" and an upcoming Brian McKnight song called "Super Hero."

What the producer hopes to do soon is concentrate on his own projects. "I see where I'm going, and I'm trying to focus on a camp to get a home going," he explained.

To that end, Rockwilder's F-5 Productions is currently handling the tracks for new jack rhyme bandit Napalm's upcoming Bomb Scare album, which will drop late this year or early next year. Plans are also in the works to expand the production company into a record company — all thanks to the trickle-down effect of "Da Rockwilder."

"It was kinda like wanting to do something different," Rockwilder said of the track that started it all. "Before that, I was like a lazy hip-hop guy who just made [beats] for the moment. That beat was a blessing."