Everclear To Headline Civic Tour, Offer Custom Coupes

Band kicks off outing June 29 with American Hi-Fi, the Mayfield Four opening.

The Led Zeppelin show Art Alexakis sang about in Everclear's "A.M. Radio" [RealVideo] didn't have a corporate sponsor, but like the man said, times have changed. The Portland rockers will headline the second leg of the Civic Tour, sponsored by Honda.

In addition to playing nine shows, with American Hi-Fi and the Mayfield Four opening, the members of the band — singer/guitarist Alexakis, bassist Craig Montoya and drummer Greg Eklund — each designed a custom paint job for a 2001 Civic Coupe. All three cars feature the black and orange version of the U.S. flag that graced the cover of their most recent album, Songs from an American Movie, Vol. II: Good Time for a Bad Attitude, according to the auto manufacturer.

Blink-182, who are headlining the first leg of the tour, also designed the graphics for a Civic Coupe. Showing surprising restraint for a group obsessed with scatological humor, their version boasts a simple black band logo against a silver paint job (see "Blink-182 To Kick Off Civic Tour 2001").

Everclear Civic Tour 2001 tour dates, according to American Honda Motor Co.:

  • 6/29 - Phoenix, AZ @ Web Theater

  • 7/2 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Salt Air

  • 7/5 - Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theatre

  • 7/10 - Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall

  • 7/14 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Convention Hall

  • 7/18 - Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater

  • 7/28 - San Diego, CA @ Price Center Ballroom

  • 7/29 - San Bernardino, CA @ Citrus Pavilion

  • 7/30 - Davis, CA @ UC Davis Recreation Hall