Snoop, Dre Starring In Car Wash Movie

Longtime studio partners will play roommates in 'The Wash.'

Snoop Dogg has signed on to play alongside Dr. Dre in a comedy called "The Wash," written and directed by D.J. Pooh, Lion's Gate Entertainment announced Tuesday.

According to the film company, Snoop and Dre will be "Odd Couple"-like roommates who have an affiliation to a busy car wash. Eminem will make a cameo appearance in the film, Lion's Gate said.

Pooh's Lithium Entertainment will produce the movie, which begins production on May 7, in conjunction with Lion's Gate.

And while "The Wash" won't hit theaters for quite some time, fans can catch Snoop on the silver screen when John Singleton's "Baby Boy" hits theaters June 27. Although Snoop and Tyrese are bitter rivals in the flick, the two are doing nothing but spreading California Love on the soundtrack's lead single, "Just a Baby Boy."

Featuring newcomer Mr. Tan, the Battlecat-produced G-funk-laced track tells the story of boyz in the hood that have to deal with, among other things, baby mama drama and gunfights in the streets. The "Baby Boy" soundtrack arrives in stores June 12.

Snoop also just wrapped production in Hawaii on the video for "Loosen' Control," which is set to air sometime in May. The clip for "Just a Baby Boy" is scheduled to air in May as well.