You Listen To Live, Live Listen To You

Love Live or hate 'em? The Pennsylvania rockers want to know in regards to some new music, as they're giving

listeners the chance to offer feedback on some of the band's new tracks.

Visitors to can download excerpts from six tunes, and then

vote for their three favorites. The poll also asks listeners to rate the

songs on a scale from "Love them" to "Hate them."

The samples show Live balancing their anthemic tendencies with a more

melodic flair. While "Deep Enough" and "People Like You" are raging rockers,

"Call Me a Fool" is a soaring ballad and "Nobody Knows" is an ethereal

mid-tempo number reminiscent of late-era Pink Floyd.

The site doesn't say what impact fan feedback will have, though the band's

management office reported earlier this year that "Nobody Knows" and "People

Like You" were scheduled to be on Live's follow-up to 1999's The Distance to Here, due for release this summer.