Redman Unveils Malpractice Cuts

Headphones only at high-security listening event, held in darkness.

NEW YORK — Anyone out to get a hold of Redman's Malpractice before its May 22 street date should be forewarned: The Funk Doc is taking every precaution to ensure his album is not leaked.

On Wednesday night, a media audience encountered Redman's security measures firsthand when Def Jam hosted a studio listening session for select cuts from the new LP.

Those in attendance were forced to wear headphones in order to hear the nine tracks played at the event, due to the rapper's concern that someone could record the music if it blared through the studio's speakers. All lights in the studio were turned off while the music was played; pens that emitted red light and note pads made to look like prescription pads were handed out in case anyone wanted to take notes.

Tracks played at the event found Redman bringing his abrasive, yet sometimes humorous, wordplay over funk-drenched tracks and adding to the recent wave of hip-hop remakes with "Diggy Dot," a reworking of the D.O.C's 1989 smash "The D.O.C. & the Doctor."

The MC also abandons rap flows for crooning on "Chillin N Da Bricks." Sung to the tune of the old standby "Putting on the Ritz," the track also features dancer Savion Glover, who lends his tap skills, not his voice, to the track. Malpractice's first single, the party igniter "Let's Get Dirty," features DJ Kool on the hook.

Redman's A&R rep said the LP is roughly two weeks from completion and disclosed that the rapper is trying to get Missy Elliott and his Def Squad compatriot Keith Murray (see "Redman, Sermon Stage Another Rally For Keith Murray") to round out the LP's list of guest stars, which also includes Method Man and George Clinton.

When completed, Malpractice will feature eight additional songs among the tracks played Wednesday night, the rep said.

Redman had scheduled a 10-city tour to kick off in May; according to Def Jam, that outing has been canceled.