Beastie Boys Compiling Book Of Grand Royal Highlights

Collection will include new material alongside past gems from band's magazine.

Next spring the Beastie Boys plan to do for their Grand Royal magazine what they did for their music on last year's The Sounds of Science anthology.

A coffee-table book, tentatively titled "Grand Royal," will compile articles from their magazine of the same name, arriving in bookstores next April with an estimated price tag of $40. The full-color tome will include new material alongside such Grand Royal classics as an interview with then-unknown potty-mouthed rapper Kid Rock and a Shaolin temple trip with the Wu Tung Clan.

There have been a grand total of seven issues of Grand Royal, which has been on a sporadic publishing calendar since 1993. Overall distribution across the last six issues of Grand Royal is estimated at 300,000 copies, according to a spokesperson for HarperCollins, publishers of the new book.

Like all Beastie Boy paraphernalia, back issues of the hard-to-find magazine have been a hot item among the Beasties' many rabid fans.

Grand Royal is also the name of the Beastie Boys' record label, whose roster includes soul-core band At the Drive-In, Russell Simins of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the Beasties themselves.