Prince To Debut New Single Via Napster

Artist drops opposition to file-sharing service to release 'The Work — Pt. 1.'

Prince's latest switch has nothing to do with his name.

The artist once known by an unpronounceable symbol has, without explanation, dropped his opposition to Napster and announced plans to debut a new song on the file-sharing service.

"The Work — Pt. 1," will be available through Napster's featured artist program beginning Friday (April 6), according to a statement from the company. The track is the first single from Prince's album-in-progress, The Rainbow Children, due later this year.

Napster's homepage will include a link to the NPG Music Club (, Prince's new by-subscription-only music service (see "Prince Offers Fans Exclusive Material Via Online Club").

"What record companies don't really understand is that Napster is just one illustration of the growing frustration over how much the record companies control what music people get 2 hear," Prince wrote in a statement released by Napster.

But Prince said earlier this month that his music club, not Napster, should be the model for the future of the music industry.

"The Internet should b set up where every artist has a site/sight. If u want a particular work from this artist, you go to his/her site/sight and cop," he wrote in an online interview. "No one should b allowed 2 bootleg the work because the creator does not benefit" (see "Napster Dividing Artists From Prince 2 Dave Matthews").

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