Neptunes Step Up Front As N*E*R*D

Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, friend Shay releasing music leftover from production work on In Search Of ..., due in July.

What was too psychedelic for Ol' Dirty Bastard and too classic rock for No Doubt is perfect for the Neptunes, who have channeled leftover music from their production work into their own upcoming album.

Under the name N*E*R*D, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes, along with their friend Shay, are preparing to release In Search Of ... on July 3.

The trio recorded In Search Of ..., which pools together elements of hip-hop, psychedelic pop, techno and rock, in Williams and Hugo's home studio in Virginia during a rare, month-long break between their production projects.

"Songs that people didn't take, we put them all together ... and recorded them," Williams said recently, while in New York for a session with 'NSYNC. The Neptunes' résumé also includes music by Mystikal, Jay-Z, Babyface and Kelis.

They are still making last-minute changes to the effort.

"This album's more of a taste-making album, to make a small change for the radio, so when we work with other artists and want to go in those directions, the way will be paved for them," Williams said. "It's more ... like a soundtrack for the mind. It's bathroom-mirror music — real psychedelic."

Williams, Hugo and Shay all contribute to the music, while Williams and Shay share vocal duties. The LP's first single, "Lap Dance," is up for adds this week at pop and urban radio.

Kelis appears on the track "Truth or Dare," while Malice, from the Virginia Beach, Virginia, hip-hop group Clipse, jumps in on "Am I High?"

N*E*R*D will play a few dates in support of the record but have no plans to do a full tour.