Got Any X? Memorabilia, That Is

Los Angeles punk band calling on fans to submit material from its late-'70s-early-'80s heyday for inclusion on Rhino reissues.

X are asking fans to scrounge up old material from the Los Angeles punk band's heyday — everything from flyers to bootlegs — and submit it for possible inclusion on the band's upcoming Rhino reissues.

"We're just hoping that someone has an incredible live tape, or an entertaining interview where we're drunk or something, making asses of ourselves," X singer/bassist John Doe said Thursday (March 28).

Rhino Records will begin reissuing X's albums in August, beginning with the Los Angeles punk band's first three releases — 1980's Los Angeles, 1981's Wild Gift and 1982's Under the Big Black Sun. The next wave of reissues will follow about six months later, Doe said. All of the music will be re-mastered.

"It's gonna be an opportunity for people to find these records in a record store for the first time in a while," Doe said. "It's depressing when you go to a record store, and there's more Steve Forbert records than there are X records. Not to say anything bad about Steve Forbert, but we made more and better records than him."

X exhausted a lot of their own material putting together their 1997 compilation for Elektra, Beyond & Back: The X Anthology, Doe said.

Rhino is looking for any memorabilia dating from 1977 to 1990 — including radio interviews, pictures, live recordings, show flyers, posters and magazine articles, a Rhino spokesperson said. Fans can submit material to Rhino Records, Department X, 10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025. All material will be returned, and fans whose submissions are used will receive free copies of all the reissues and a Rhino box set of their choice, the spokesperson said.

The albums will feature as many bonus tracks as possible, Doe said. Some of the rarities featured on the Elektra anthology will be included, as well as three or four unreleased tracks.

Doe said he's not hoping any item in particular will turn up in the hunt for X material, though he'd like to get his hands on some four tracks once recorded by a guy named Ron.

"That was 20 years ago," Doe said. "And I was high. Can't remember. That's why we're asking other people to submit stuff."

Doe just finished shooting an independent movie called "The Good Girl," starring Jennifer Aniston. He plays what he calls an "ineffectual dad."

He is also going into a studio with singer/songwriter Joe Henry over the weekend, with an eye toward recording a full album together. He joked that they'd call the project the "Henry Doe Demo."