LeAnn Rimes Settles Suit Against Former Manager

While terms of deal are undisclosed, tapes apparently give insight into singer's legal battle with father, label

LeAnn Rimes has settled her lawsuit against her former manager, who she claimed had taken an unfair amount of the singer's income from 1995 to 2000.

"We're very pleased with the way it was resolved," said Rimes' Houston lawyer, J. Cary Gray. The terms of the settlement, reached on March 11, are confidential, Gray added.

Rimes' suit claimed that her former managers — Lyle Walker and her father, Wilbur Rimes — took $7 million from her from the time she signed a contract with them in 1995 until last year, claiming they charged a 40 percent management fee. Rimes' suit against her father is not affected by this settlement, Gray said.

Walker's Dallas lawyer was unavailable for comment.

In tapes released to the Tennessean by Rimes' stepmother, Catherine Dickenson Rimes, the singer apparently tells her father she thinks her latest album, I Need You — which she disavowed in a letter to fans that claimed Curb Records released the disc despite her objections — is "amazing." The tapes also apparently capture the singer talking to her former tour manager about how crying in court would help her case in her lawsuit against Curb, according to the Nashville newspaper.

Despite her tears at a court hearing on March 16, a Tennessee judge rebuffed her attempt to break her contract with Curb.

Gray had no comment on the tapes, which Catherine Rimes said she was releasing to show her husband's side of the story. She told the newspaper that the figures in the singer's lawsuit were "a total manipulation of facts."