New Neurosis Album Expands Band's Apocalyptic Vision

San Francisco Bay Area art-metal group's A Sun That Never Sets, due in spring or summer, goes for stripped-down effect.

Neurosis' new album, tentatively titled A Sun That Never Sets, promises to expand upon the band's dense, esoteric, apocalyptic vision.

The San Francisco Bay Area art-metal group — guitarist/vocalists Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till, bassist/vocalist Dave Edwardson, drummer Jason Roeder, keyboardist Noah Landis and visual arts technician Pete Inc. — long have been recognized in underground circles for their visionary, hypnotic soundscapes.

Their body of work — which includes their seminal 1987 debut, Pain of Mind, 1996's decidedly more aggressive Through Silver in Blood and 1999's thought-provoking Times of Grace — has earned them such fans as Pantera, as well as a slot on the inaugural Ozzfest second stage in 1996 and again in 1997.

The new album "really leaves Times of Grace and [last year's] Sovereign in the dust," Von Till said. "It's a lot stranger, yet somehow more song-oriented. It wasn't intentional, it just happened that way.

"There is a lot more drama in the mid-tempo stuff," he continued. "The vocals are a lot more expressive. Much like the giant guitar dynamic, we also hold that in our back pocket and actually rarely scream. It's a lot more heartfelt, a lot more raw.

"The way that different instruments interact is a lot more stripped down, but the less-is-more strategy is even more into effect," he added. "Any of the additional sounds are completely organic and meld in. We've taken a lot of the gain out of a lot of the different instruments, giving a lot more clarity. We went for an overall more-controlled sound."

A Sun That Never Sets will be the band's first full album release in two years. Last year, they formed their own label, Neurot, and reissued much of their back catalog, along with Von Till's first solo album, As the Crow Flies, a collection of acoustic pieces.

A Sun That Never Sets is expected to hit stores in late spring or early summer.