Dilated Peoples 'Searching For' Eminem On Battle Track

Group's Evidence goes after rapper's haircut, manhood on 'Searching For Bobby Fishcher'

Guilt by association pertains as much to the recording studio as it does to the halls of justice ... just ask Eminem and Dilated Peoples.

Even though neither of Dilated Peoples' MCs, Evidence and Iriscience, took jabs at Eminem when he was verbally victimized by Everlast on the "Ear Drums Pop" remix featured on Dilated Peoples' 2000 LP, The Platform, Slim Shady retaliated against the duo as well as Everlast on "Quitter," which flooded Napster and underground mix tapes late last year (see "Eminem-Everlast Fight Enters Round Four").

Now Dilated have struck back with "Searching for Bobby Fishcher," which recently surfaced on Napster (and which adds one letter to the 1993 movie title). On the track, Evidence expresses his disdain at being dragged into the war of words between Eminem and Everlast, claiming to "have nothing to do with the sh--."

Evidence also questions if Eminem is really from Detroit, pokes fun at his "George Michael haircut" and hints that the Grammy Award-winning rapper may be in need of Viagra: "I met this chick you took home on tour but couldn't get it up/ Alert, alert, you Internet geeks/ Eminem is just like you/ Weak between the sheets."

After Dilated Peoples helped to spark the Eminem-Everlast beef with the release of the "Ear Drums Pop" remix, Eminem responded with "I Remember," the B-side to the "Sh-- on You" single he released with D12. Everlast swiped back with "Whitey's Revenge" (see "DFX: Everlast Swings Back In Eminem Battle").