Eminem, D12 Prep Devil's Night, Plan Tour

Debut album by Eminem's homies due in June; group plans summer tour, with Slim Shady playing some dates.

Eminem will display what he called his "less serious side," when he and his hometown hip-hop crew, D12, release their debut album, Devil's Night, in June.

The 14-track disc, whose first single will be "Purple Pills," features production work by Eminem, Dr. Dre and Rockwilder, said Dennis Dennehy, Eminem's spokesperson. FBT, which comprises brothers Mark and Jeff Bass, also contributed to the production, according to their office.

D12 will tour this summer, with Eminem appearing on at least some of the dates, Dennehy said.

Eminem knew his co-MCs in D12 before he hit it big with 1999's The Slim Shady LP.

When discussing the album with MTV News' Kurt Loder last month, Eminem said D12 rapper Bizarre could rival even Slim Shady when it comes to pushing people's buttons.

"Bizarre is a character," Eminem said. "I think that after this record comes out, some people might even believe that he's worse than me. He's out there with the things he talks about. It's humorous, but to some people it might not be. [There are] whole songs out there that might piss some people off."

In October, Eminem and D-12 released the single "Sh-- on You," which included the Everlast-dissing B-side, "I Remember." Eminem lost a notebook containing lyrics to Devil's Night while traveling that same month. Despite Eminem's offer of a cash reward of an unspecified amount or a chance to meet him, the notebook has not turned up.

While Eminem said the D12 record is "coming out along the lines of The Marshall Mathers LP," he added that his next solo album will be "more of a feel record."

"With the D12 record that's coming out, we have fun in the studio, and I think that's going to show," he said. "We like to clown around a lot. It's kind of my less serious side. But as far as my next record ... every song I do, I want there to be a purpose behind it, and a message. I want there to be a certain feel to it that captures whatever I'm feeling at that time. ... I think I've proven my rap skills; now I want to show that I can write whole songs, and song-songs."