Village People's "Leatherman" Hughes Dead At 50

The "Y.M.C.A." singer, who performed in leather biker gear, had battled

The Village People's leather-clad singer, Glenn Hughes, died on March 4,

according to The Advocate. He was 50.

Hughes, who had been ill for years, reportedly asked to be buried in the

biker outfit he wore as a member of the disco group, whose 1978 hit

"Y.M.C.A." remains a dance floor favorite more than two decades after its


Producer Jacques Morali assembled the Village People to appeal to the

emerging gay and disco scenes in 1977. The group, known more for their image

than their talents, featured musicians dressed as a policeman, cowboy,

construction worker, and Native American, along with Hughes in leather,

chains and a handlebar mustache.

The Village People hit radio with "Macho Man" in early 1978 and later scored

with "In the Navy" and "Go West."

The group released an ill-fated movie, Can't Stop the Music, in 1980 and have

attempted several comeback albums and tours since, none of which were able to

capture the steam of their original run.