Chris Cornell, Rage Members Heading Back To Studio

Foursome recorded three songs together earlier this year.

Rage Against the Machine and Ex-Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell will re-enter the studio next week to continue making the "groundbreaking" music that they caution fans may never hear.

Rage's Epic Records spokesperson stressed that Cornell and the group, who recorded three songs together earlier this year, are "just going in to jam" and that it's too soon to speculate on what the sessions may mean for the future.

But bassist Timmy C. told San Jose, California, radio station KSJO-FM on Tuesday that he, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk have formed a new group with Cornell, which will not be called Rage Against the Machine, a representative for the station said.

Morello recently described the group's first sessions with Cornell as "groundbreaking and fantastic."

"He's one of the greatest singers and songwriters in rock history, and jamming with him was off the hook," Morello said at the Grammy Awards last month. "We were just making up new, exciting rock. ... Chris Cornell is definitely not the singer of Rage Against the Machine, but the music that we made in the couple of days that we jammed together was really groundbreaking and fantastic, and was so exciting. He's amazing."

The guitarist said he and his two Rage bandmates have been jamming with several musician friends recently, but he declined to give any names. Singer Zack de la Rocha left the group in October (see "Zack Leaves Rage Against The Machine").