Crazy Town Adopt 'Revolving Door' Attitude

Band chooses song about dating as fourth single from The Gift of Game, preparing to shoot video, appear on Ozzfest.

The ladies' men of Crazy Town have taken their policy toward women — the "revolving door" — and applied it to their next single.

The Los Angeles rock-rappers have chosen "Revolving Door" as their fourth single and follow-up to the hugely successful "Butterfly." The song goes to radio in April. Both tracks, as well as previous singles "Toxic" and "Darkside," stem from the band's platinum-selling debut, The Gift of Game.

Unlike "Butterfly," which celebrates finding the right girl and falling in love, "Revolving Door," a prequel of sorts, expounds upon the trial-and-error process of dating.

" 'Revolving Door' is about being young, being single, having a great time, and then at the same time being like, 'What's the big picture? What am I looking for here?'" MC Shifty Shellshock said. "I'm looking for this special person. ... You never know when a butterfly is going to walk through your door."

They expect to begin shooting a video for "Revolving Door" in early April, and filming should be wrapped by April 18, when the band kicks off a headlining tour, with Saliva and Stereo Mud in tow as openers. The jaunt originally was to have included Redman and hed (p.e.), but those plans have been scrapped.

Meanwhile, the eclectic septet has penned roughly 10 new songs — some carrying the tentative titles "Twin Flame," "Music Box," "Bitchmade" and "Déjà Vu," among others — for their sophomore album. Compared with their debut, essentially a collaboration between band principals Shellshock and singer/producer Bret "Epic" Mazur, the pair had some extra help this time out.

"[The first album] was basically written by me and Epic, putting our heads together," Shellshock said. "And now we have this incredible band. ... So with this band, now everyone's writing stuff. We all have our own ideas."

"Everybody's got [Korg] Tritons now, and everybody's getting a little ProTools rig," Mazur interjected.

"All of a sudden, I have this CD with the music, and then I can vibe on it more, write a bunch of lyrics," Shellshock said. "Then I can give it to Epic, and then me and Epic will sit down and vibe on some lyrics, and then he can go and put it into his SP1200 and program it and add some crazy drums on his Triton, and all of a sudden we've got this incredible little castle that we've built."

Though the LP is absent from Columbia Records' release schedule, the band hopes to enter a studio after its summer stint on Ozzfest's main stage (see "Crazy Town Join Ozzfest").