Vanilla Ice Boastin', Braggin' On Betty Blowtorch Track

Iceman claims substantial manhood on Los Angeles femme hard rockers' 'Size Queen,' from their upcoming Are You Man Enough?

All-femme hard rockers Betty Blowtorch are living every under-30 recording artist's dream: to have the world's most famous pre-Eminem white rapper bust a rhyme about his supposedly substantial privates on your own song.

"Size Queen," a track on the Los Angeles band's forthcoming album, Are You Man Enough?, includes a rapped interlude from Vanilla Ice regarding his allegedly impressive manhood.

Bianca Butthole, Betty Blowtorch's lead vocalist and bassist, said the Iceman "was recording in the same studio that we were. We bonded a little, and we asked him, 'Do you wanna talk about how big your di-- is on our record?' He said, 'Sure.'

"I asked him if he could rap over [the track]," she continued, "and he said he can rap over anything. And he could!"

"He describes it as almost 10 inches tall," Butthole said. She then recited an excerpt of Ice's verse for "Size Queen": "'Open your legs, I'll make you cream/ I'm like a waterfall/ You know I've got it all/ A long white di-- almost 10 inches tall."

Vanilla Ice couldn't be reached for comment.

Betty Blowtorch are a more hard rock and heavy metal-oriented version of the strictly hardcore punk Butt Trumpet. Butthole is joined by fellow former Trumpeters Sharon Needles (guitarist/vocalist) and Blare N. Bitch (lead guitarist). Drummer Judy Molish joined from the band Bobsled With Needles.

A year and a half ago, Butthole and Needles decided to regroup as Betty Blowtorch. "Since we didn't have the name Butt Trumpet, we didn't have to follow any sort of punk-rock thing, like what we were stuck in before," Butthole said. "The humor is still there, because we're a bunch of funny gals. But we have guitar solos now! We wanted to play rock: Growing up, we were into Black Flag, but also into Kiss and AC/DC."

Are You Man Enough? is due May 15 on Foodchain Records.