Limp Bizkit's Borland Gets Dumb With Side Project

Guitarist's Big Dumb Face releasing Duke Lion Fights the Terror!! March 6 with tour to follow.

Donning scary makeup isn't the only hobby of Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, as he is readying a full-length release from his side project, Big Dumb Face.

Scheduled for a March 6 release, Duke Lion Fights the Terror!! features Borland — under the pseudonym "The Tongue of Colicab" — performing almost all of the music and vocals on the 12-song album, with a little help from his friends.

Borland described Big Dumb Face's sound to MTV News last May, calling it "not really even close to Limp Bizkit. It's completely the opposite side of the spectrum" (see "Limp Guitarist Ponders Side Project, Acting").

A full band consisting of Borland and bassist/brother Scott (performing as "The Cardboard Urinal"), and a drummer and second guitarist ("Joe Couch" and "The Three Headed Demetrian Pup," respectively) is being assembled for a tour scheduled to kick off in mid-March, according to a spokesperson for the band's management company. Judging by the over-the-top wackiness involved in the proceedings — including a Speedo-clad Wes cavorting in the video for the first single, "Duke Lion" — one can only assume that the band's onstage incarnation will be equally fractured.

In other Limp Bizkit-related news, bassist Sam Rivers and fiancée Kinter Atkins tied the knot on Saturday in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, according to a spokesperson from the band's management company.

The complete track listing for Duke Lion Fights the Terror!!:

  • "Burgalveist"

  • "Duke Lion"

  • "Kali Is the Sweethog"

  • "Blood Red Head on Fire"

  • "Space Adventure"

  • "Fightin' Stance"

  • "Organ Splitter"

  • "Mighty Penis Laser"

  • "Robot"

  • "Rebel"

  • "Voices in the Wall"

  • "It's Right in Here"