Pearl Jam DVD Compiles Tour Footage

Video, due April 10, features clips filmed by Seattle band's road crew last year.

Pearl Jam's road crew worked double duty in 2000, setting up stages for the Seattle rockers and then filming their shows.

A handful of helpers whose day jobs are hardly glamorous are responsible for the three hours of concert footage that makes up the DVD "Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000," Epic Records announced Tuesday.

"It's very raw and realistic footage done without directors or producers," Kelly Curtis, the band's manager, said in a statement. "It gives fans a chance to see a little more behind-the-scenes stuff than has previously been available."

Due April 10, "Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000" will also be available in VHS format and will include live and montage video from the band's 2000 U.S. and European tours. Special features, including backstage interviews, outtakes from 2000's Binaural and the previously unreleased video for the Ten track "Oceans," are also included.

Pearl Jam have for years filmed their concerts for archival purposes, Epic said, but the idea to release some of the footage surfaced after live video clips the band made available on its Web site during last summer's European outing began garnering fan acclaim.

Once Pearl Jam returned to the States, full-time crewmembers Liz Burns, Steve Gordon and Kevin Shuss began shooting the band's concerts from different angles and editing the videos on a production bus while on the road.

The final product appears as a successive two-hour concert, though the 28 songs are actually taken from different stops on the 48-city U.S. tour.

Following the show is 50 minutes of band, city and fan montages from the European tour, plus "Yellow Ledbetter" live; unreleased instrumentals "Thunderclap," "Foldback'' and "Harmony," from the Binaural sessions; Todd McFarlane's animated "Do the Evolution" video; and outtakes of the U.S. tour set to the song "Smile."

Included in the special features is a "Matt-cam" option, which is available on three songs — "Evacuation," "Even Flow" and "In My Tree" — and allows fans to watch Pearl Jam perform from drummer Matt Cameron's position in the back center of the stage.

"Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000" will be made available to fan club members on April 3 via the band's Web site (

Pearl Jam spent most of 2000 on the road, beginning with 25 dates in Europe. The fate of their following U.S. tour was uncertain, however, when nine concertgoers were crushed to death during their performance at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. But the band soldiered on, beginning with a reflective show in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

"Grievance," from Binaural, Pearl Jam's sixth studio album, will compete for the Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy at next week's awards ceremony.

Track listing for "Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000":

"Long Road"




"Gods' Dice"


"Given to Fly"


"Nothing as It Seems"

"Even Flow"


"Not for You"

"Daughter" (into "It's OK" by Dead Moon)



"Thin Air"


"Better Man"



"I Got Sh--"





"Don't Go"

"Parting Ways"

"Rocking in the Free World"

End credits set to "Leavin' Here"