Breeders Too Popular For Charity Show At Small Club

Group will not play Los Angeles benefit due to concerns over club's capacity.

The Breeders are apparently too big for their own good deeds and will not be performing at an upcoming Children of the Night benefit in Los Angeles after all.

The band was set to resurface for a February 25 charity show at the Hot Pants Club at Mr. T's Bowl (see "Breeders Booked For Los Angeles Charity Show"), but they were removed from the lineup because the event was getting too much attention.

"We got a call from the owner of the club asking us to back off on playing that night because they just didn't have the space or the security," Breeders guitarist Richard Presley said. "And he was concerned about the fire regulations. He asked us if we could maybe pick another night to play for the same cause."

"People from as far away as New York were calling about tickets," promoter Sash Hedrick said. "Mr. T's at the most could hold about 350 people, and way more than that called within a week's time."

With more than a dozen other bands also on the bill, the situation was deemed unworkable.

Members of the Breeders will still be attending the concert, Hedrick said, and Breeders gift items will still be raffled off as part of a fundraiser for Children of the Night, an organization that helps runaway teens and other homeless youths.

The performance would have been the Breeders' second in six years. The group put in a surprise appearance at the same club late last year (see "Breeders Resurface At Surprise Show").