Mary J. Blige Takes 'Strong Medicine'

Soulstress has no need to stretch in role as hip-hop/R&B singer on popular cable series.

Mary J. Blige will get a chance to flex her acting muscles on cable TV, though her role as a hip-hop/R&B singer shouldn't cause her too much strain.

The soulstress will begin taping an episode of Lifetime's critically acclaimed drama series "Strong Medicine" on February 14, according to a publicist for the show. The episode in which she stars, titled "History," is scheduled to air this summer.

In the flashback episode, Blige tackles the role of Beaux Peeps, the lead singer of a hip-hop/R&B band and romantic interest of one of the show's main characters, Peter Riggs. Riggs (Josh Coxx) plays bass in the band, dubbed Peeps' Sheeps.

Since its release in August 1999, Blige's most recent album, Mary, has sold 1.9 million copies, according to SoundScan. Her out-of-studio work with charity organizations Partnership for a Drug-Free America, the Million Family March and the M.A.C. AIDS Foundation earned her a Rock The Vote Patrick Lippert Award, which will be presented February 20, the night before the Grammy Awards ceremony (see "Santana, Blige To Receive Lippert Awards").

"Strong Medicine," set in a women's medical clinic, airs Sundays at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime.