Beck Shoots Movie Role

Singer plays future version of himself in 'Southlander,' also featuring Beth Orton, Hank Williams III, Elliott Smith.

Beck to the future?

The singer has finished shooting his role in "Southlander," an upcoming movie directed by longtime collaborator Steve Hanft, in which he'll play himself in nine years.

The movie tells the tale of a man on a quest to find a synthesizer for his band, according to Beck's spokesperson at Interscope Records. On the way, he meets up with the future Beck, along with Beth Orton, Hank Williams III and Elliott Smith.

Hanft directed Beck's "Loser" and "Jack-Ass" videos, among others, as well as clips for Orton, the Cure and Luna. Hanft is currently editing the film and looking for a distributor.

The Interscope spokesperson said that Beck has been recording, but there is no concrete album project in the works.