Eminem's Mother May Drop Defamation Lawsuit

Debbie Mathers-Briggs, a frequent subject in Eminem's controversial lyrics, has said she never intended to file the $10 million defamation lawsuit against her son and is working on dropping the case.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, first rapped about Mathers-Briggs in his debut single, "My Name Is," claiming, "My mom smokes more dope than I do." Mathers-Briggs filed a lawsuit shortly after the song became a hit, Reuters reports that Mathers-Briggs told the British television show "Tonight with Trevor McDonald" Thursday that she is prepared to reconcile.

"When I saw [my] attorney, he was to send Marshall a letter warning him to stop being so demeaning and that if he didn't stop the lawyer would hit him with a lawsuit," Mathers-Briggs told the show. "The next thing I knew, my son was hit with a $10 million lawsuit. I walked up to my attorney and he said 'Well, this was a wake-up call.' I was in shock."

Mathers-Briggs reportedly said that she now regrets taking the legal action and "wishes that things could be different." When asked if she has the power to drop the lawsuit, she said, "That's something we are seriously thinking about. We're working on it."

Mathers-Briggs filed suit against Eminem in September 1999, claiming she was slandered during interviews her son did with Rolling Stone, The Source, and Rap Pages magazines and on the nationally syndicated "Howard Stern Show."

Fred Gibson, Mathers-Briggs' lawyer, was not available for comment.

The "Tonight with Trevor McDonald" interview with Slim Shady's mom came on the eve of the opening night of the rapper's U.K. tour. Just as Eminem has faced protests from gay rights activists in the U.S., British groups are reportedly planning demonstrations accusing the rapper of using homophobic and hate-filled lyrics.

According to Reuters,, Eminem's entourage switched hotels in the northern city of Manchester to avoid clashes with protesters.

Demonstrations are expected when Eminem returns to the States for the

February 21 Grammy Awards, which he recently announced he would attend.