Emphasis On Eclectic Fun For Second Jordan Knight LP

Producer Jimmy Jam says album has everything from polka to doo-wop.

Former New Kid Jordan Knight's second album is a little Lawrence Welk, a little Boyz II Men and a whole lot of fun, uptempo pop.

"There's elements of everything from polka to doo-wop," producer Jimmy Jam said last week. "It's crazy — a very eclectic record."

The falsetto-voiced pop star is working on the disc in the Minneapolis studio of Jimmy Jam and partner Terry Lewis, who were also among the producers on Knight's 1999 self-titled solo debut. The pair are producing six of the album's tracks and will probably mix the entire LP.

"Around the World" will likely be the disc's first single, and it also stands a good chance of being the album's title, Jimmy Jam said. The song takes an even bolder approach than "Give It to You," Knight's debut solo single, which mixed accordions, hefty grooves and waltz breaks.

"The only way that we've been able to figure out how to describe the song is it's sort of Dean Martin meets Sisqó. You know how 'Give It to You' was quirky? This is the next level of quirky."

Knight has said the new material is on the whole more uptempo than his debut because he believes fans are craving fun, danceable music.

The singer also plans to do some recording in Los Angeles, but there was no word at press time who will produce the album's remaining tracks. The disc is expected in stores this spring.