Label Defends LeAnn Rimes' Disputed New Album

After teen superstar disavows new release, Curb Records and father claim it's her best.

Nashville label Curb Records defended their LeAnn Rimes release I Need You Thursday in response to the teen superstar's public disavowal of the album, in which she claimed it was made without her creative input.

"We believe that LeAnn Rimes' newly released I Need You album is the best album that she has ever recorded," the Curb statement read. "Nevertheless, we are excited about the new musical directions that LeAnn is exploring for the future, and as always we respect her talent and her opinions. We are excited to see how her fans react to the I Need You album."

In an open letter to her fans on her official Web site,, on Thursday, Rimes apologized for I Need You, claiming Curb compiled it without her input after she had filed suit against the label last November, seeking to have her recording contract dissolved.

"[I Need You] consists largely of unfinished material and songs that didn't make other albums," Rimes wrote. She also said the album is "not a reflection of myself as an artist but is solely the conception of Curb Records, and for that I am truly and deeply sorry."

Rimes also used the open letter to address her pending lawsuit against her father and former co-manager/producer, Wilbur Rimes, explaining that she wanted more control over her business affairs after she turned 18.

Wilbur Rimes released a statement Thursday through Curb, saying not only that the album is one of his daughter's best, but also that she "loved" the final product.

"This album has great sentimental meaning to me because it was the last project that my daughter and I worked on together, and I am so proud of all my daughter's accomplishments," he said. "The songs she chose for this album demonstrate her newfound maturity and the continuing development of her tremendous talent. These were all finished masters, and LeAnn loved the way it all came together when it was complete."