Download Of The Week: Br--ney Sp---s

Rapidly circulating download apparently features pop princess using f-word before Rock in Rio show.

If a rapidly circulating Internet audio clip is authentic, Britney Spears really isn't that innocent.

The pop princess has been the toast of the Net since the clip — which captures a female voice, allegedly Spears', using profanities before a Rock in Rio performance earlier this month — started showing up on Napster and aired on a Los Angeles radio station. Several other sites have since posted the clip.

One Spears fansite,, says more than 250,000 users have downloaded the clip since it became available last week.

The clip supposedly features the 19-year-old Spears anxiously waiting for her introductory music, or vamp, to begin so she can take the stage. Apparently not knowing her microphone was recording (though not being broadcast to the audience), she rambles about the show and her outfit.

"Don't tell me they're just letting the audience f---ing stand out there like that. Oh my God," the voice says. "OK, let's hurry, y'all, seriously. This is retarded. They told me they were gonna do a vamp.

"Oh sh--! Oh no, what are they doing?" the clip continues. "Let me see. ... Oh, my pants are too short! I grew! ... I'm not just gonna stand out there. I thought they were gonna f---ing vamp."

"The Kevin & Bean Show," the morning program on Los Angeles station KROQ, put the clip on the radio, and several other radio and television outlets, including Howard Stern's morning show, have followed suit.

Jay Tilles, the producer of "The Kevin & Bean Show," said others likely balked at the clip because they were unable to verify its authenticity, but that didn't discourage KROQ.

"Well, since KROQ is not known for its rigorous fact checking, we downloaded it from Napster and aired it without hesitation," Tilles said. "It received a wonderful welcome from our audience, as they are not the biggest Britney fans."

Spears' spokesperson at Jive Records did not return messages.

"It is the hottest news in entertainment right now only because it comes as a major shock to most people," founder Rajiv Doshi said. "It shows a side of Britney not seen by the media. After hearing the clip, they realize she is just a normal teenager.

"I was shocked [when I first heard it]," Doshi said. "I questioned whether or not it was really Britney Spears. I had to listen to it a few times just to make sure. Once I realized it was her, I knew it was something her fans would be interested in hearing."

According to various reports, Spears' Rock in Rio show in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, was well received, although the crowd apparently booed and chanted "Brazil" when an American flag appeared on a screen behind Spears during her performance of her hit single "Lucky."