Flaming Lips Take First Steps Toward 11th LP

Trio aim to finish 11th LP in 2002.

Highbrow rockers the Flaming Lips have taken the first step toward what looks to be a marathon recording session for their as-yet-untitled 11th LP.

Singer, guitarist and principal songwriter Wayne Coyne, bassist Michael Ivins and multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd are scheduled to enter a Western New York recording studio in March to begin working on the project, according to a Warner Bros. spokesperson. Longtime Lips producer Dave Fridmann will join the Oklahoma City trio for the sessions.

Don't expect the new Lips LP — their first since 1999's critically acclaimed The Soft Bulletin — to be available by year's end, however, as the project won't be finished until 2002 at the earliest. Infamous for taking their time with their musical ventures, the Lips' recording will be done in bits and pieces, the spokesperson said, leaving room for trial-and-error improvisation.

At the close of 2000, the band completed an instrumental score for the indie flick "Okie Noodling." Directed by Oklahoma filmmaker Brad Beesley, a longtime friend of the band, the movie will have its premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March. Plans for the group's soundtrack contributions have yet to be confirmed, but they could conceivably be made available as bonus tracks, on an upcoming EP or as promotional downloads, the spokesperson said.

Beesley was responsible for the 1999 documentary "The Flaming Lips Have Landed," which premiered at last year's South by Southwest Film Festival. It's not yet known if the biopic will see a home video or DVD release.